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BSEF – The International Bromine Council – is the global association representing producers as well as users of bromine for brominated products or in specific technologies.  Our mission is to inform and support the use of bromine and bromine technologies for the benefit of society and economy.

BSEF informs and supports Bbromine-based solutions that are today essential to many of the most important advancements in science and technology for the benefit of society and economy globally. These include:

Fire safety

Mercury emission reduction

Water treatment

Energy storage




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What we do

We work with a variety of national, regional and international network of downstream use associations to develop, promote and support the use of bromine in its different applications

We foster many the benefits of Bromine and Bromine Based technologies and support the technological advancement of the industry

We actively initiate and fund scientific research programmes that examines the role of bromine and bromine-based chemicals in human health and the environment

We share our knowledge freely and we do not conduct commercial or trading operations of any kind

We have a neutral positioning and we do not present forecasts or comments on bromine markets, prices or supply/demand

We do promote the long term use of bromine as a vital and intrinsic contributor to a sustainable future for mankind;

We promote the safe use and handling of bromine and support the Responsible Care approach of the global chemical industry


Our members are Albemarle Corporation, ICL Industrial Products, Lanxess and Tosoh Corporation.

Our services to the members

Since 1997, BSEF has been providing a range of services and information to its members to enable them address collectively opportunities and challenges with respect to the use of bromine and brominated technologies. These services include regulatory and scientific advice, regulatory updates, event organization and communications materials. BSEF also acts as the point of engagement for its members with policy makers, regulators and stakeholders with respect to bromine use for society and economy.

We do this through high level meetings, specialized media and dedicated communications including our website, fact sheets, brochures and other publications.

With representative offices in Asia, Europe and North America and affiliated membership to the European and US chemical industry councils, CEFIC and ACC, BSEF supports the common interests, policies and positions of the International bromine industry.

As a BSEF member you benefit from:

  • The expertise and advice from the BSEF team and it´s international network of experts;
  • Frequent global and regional updates on the latest political, regulatory and scientific developments impacting bromine-based technologies ;
  • Access to BSEF publications, brochures, reports and other materials;
  • Privileged admission to BSEF events and seminars;
  • Abroad range of ad-hoc services;
 BSEF offers three membership categories:

Full Members - Companies engaged in the production of bromine

Associate Members - Companies engaged in the use of bromine for the production of brominated products

Affiliate Members - Companies which can demonstrate an interest in bromine and/or its applications

Should you wish to join us or receive more information, please contact:

Bernadette Desobry
Administration & Service to Members

BSEF is an International Non Profit Association (AISBL-IVZW) under Belgian law. The Association is governed by its present Statutes. BSEF is registered in the EU Transparency Register