Other applications

The use of bromine in the energy industry has become particularly notable in the emergence of new technologies. Technologies such as electric-vehicle batteries, wind turbines and coal power plants amongst others, use bromine in order to ensure the efficacy of energy processes.

oil-icon   Oil Drilling Fluids

Bromine used in clear brines increases both the efficiency and productivity of oil and gas wells. Oil and gas are hydrocarbons that are stuck in porous stone. In order to access these hydrocarbons, a hole needs to be drilled into the area in which they are held, called the pay zone. The drilling requires a specific gravity needed to compensate the pressure in order to avoid closing the pores of the stone whilst maintaining permeability. Due to its weight, clear brine fluid is able to compensate this gravity.

The fluids have significant productivity advantages in comparison to other substances, factors such as its weight, its thermal and chemical stability and its lubricating ability aid the extraction of oil and gas and help preserve the costly equipment used in the process.