Our Commitment

Bromine-based solutions play a key role on the Sustainability debate as they are essential to many advancements in science and technology.

As an industry, BSEF has increased its environmental and chemicals safety performance under the tenets of Responsible Care®, a global voluntary commitment to the safe and environmentally sound management of chemicals worldwide.

By defining and pursuing common goals throughout the supply chain, the chemical industry believes it can be helpful at all levels. No company operates in isolation. All parties involved in the production, handling, use and disposal of chemicals have a shared responsibility to ensure their safe management and use.

BSEF member companies are constantly innovating and improving their products so as to address the future needs of customers and increase standards of sustainability, performance and safety.

Chemistry is Essential to Sustainability

BSEF is also a member of Cefic, The European Chemistry Council, and collaborates with relevant stakeholders to support sustainable development of European societies looking at the whole product lifecycle – from packaging, to distribution and recycling – as well as taking environment, social and economic impacts into account.

Cefic and its members go one step further by having committed themselves to the Cefic Sustainability Charter, a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) towards a sustainable future. A roadmap with actions that lead up to a low-carbon and  circular economy which puts human health and the environment first.