ABICHAMA performs pre-test in partnership with the Fire Department of Brasilia


Pre fire test Jun 2018 ABICHAMAThe Brazilian Flame Retardants Industry Association (ABICHAMA), has performed a reaction to fire pre-test on sofas and televisions in partnership with the Fire Department of the Federal District. The main objective of the joint project is to have a comparative analysis of fire behavior of materials with and without flame retardants

With the final Fire test to be carried by the end of July, ABICHAMA aims to scientifically demonstrate the importance of flame retardants to improving fire resistance of products and thus contributing to fire safety.

The pre-test that took place on the 19 of June, counted with the participation of Sylvio Carmo, President of Abichama and it was conducted by Lieutenant Colonel George Cajaty, General Commander’s Office at the Federal District Fire Department, and its team.

ABICHAMA, that is part of the Brazilian Parliamentary Front on Fire Safety, donated materials for the Fire Test and the Association hopes to be able to contribute, in conjunction with the Communication Department of the Fire Department, in the communication actions so that the results can be disseminated in the best possible way.



The Brazilian Flame Retardants Industry Association (ABICHAMA), was founded in Brazil in 2011 to promote passive fire safety in Brazil. The institution is also the local representative of BSEF – The International Bromine Council, a global bromine organization with more than 20 years in activity. BSEF IS present in Europe, North America, Asia and South America, promoting the discussion on fire safety, as well as supporting research and scientific studies in the areas of health and environment.