BSEF sponsors MEC 14 – Multi-pollutant emissions from coal combustion workshop in Vietnam

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BSEF, The International Bromine Council is honoured to sponsor a new edition of the workshop “Multi-pollutant emissions from coal combustion” – MEC14, is taking place from the 28 till the 30 of October in Hanoi, Vietnam.

MEC 14, is organized by IEA the Clean Coal Center and it counts with the support from VEA – the Vietnamese Environment Administration.

The 3-day event workshop will pull together international experts on reducing emissions, including particulates, SO2, NOx and mercury, from coal-fired utilities and offers an excellent opportunity to mix with government agencies, regulators, utilities, consultants, equipment suppliers and academia.

“We are pleased to have BSEF sponsoring MEC14 and presenting the role of bromine in reducing mercury emissions,” says Dr. Lesley Sloss, Senior analyst and lead on outreach by IEA the Clean Coal Center

International agreements such as the Minamata Convention along with tightening regional and national emissions limits mean that coal-fired power plants are having to reduce their emissions more effectively than ever before.

The use of bromine contributes to reducing emissions from coal-fired and other large combustion plants. Bromine-based technologies have been proven to be effective in reducing mercury emissions. In fact, Bromine based products can reduce mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants and other industrial installations in excess of 90%.

BSEF members fully subscribe to the goals of the Minamata Convention by developing bromine-based technologies that will help in the reduction of atmospheric mercury emissions from human sources (for instance thermal coal plants account for over 20% of global emissions of mercury to the environment). BSEF is also a member of the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership and has developed synergies with the IEA – Clean Coal Center.

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