BSEF’s new brand identity highlights its vision for the future

BSEF, the international bromine producer’s association, is changing its corporate brand and logo. The rebranding reflects the desire of the industry to focus on the promotion of bromine and its benefits to society and economy.

Since 1997, BSEF (Bromine Science Environmental Forum) has been working to foster knowledge on the uses and benefits of bromine-based solutions for a wide range of everyday industrial and domestic applications.

In 2016, BSEF has begun to more actively socialize the role of bromine by promoting six key applications where bromine is used: mercury emissions reduction, water treatment, fire safety, energy production and storage as well as pharmaceuticals and rubber. This new focus is also reinforced with the opening of BSEF’s global headquarters in Brussels.

BSEF’s new corporate identity strengthens this transition and consolidates BSEF position globally as the reference source for information and science on bromine and bromine technologies.

“The rebranding preserves BSEF’s original identity but also highlights its vision for the future” says Dr Kevin Bradley, BSEF Secretary General.  “In addition BSEF’s new descriptor – The International Bromine Council represents more accurately BSEF’s membership and activities and will reinforce the presence of BSEF brand internationally.”


The new logo evokes transparency, modernity and innovation which symbolizes the multiple bromine applications and the many benefits of bromine-based technologies. The new descriptor aims to bring clarity and to better represent BSEF core business and activities.

The fresh and vibrant palate of colors denotes BSEF´s evolution and flexibility. The blue represents BSEF values and strength as a global organization and the orange represents the color of bromine as a chemical element.

The new branding is now visible on all the BSEF online channels – website, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter – and will soon be implemented to all the BSEF communications materials.


About BSEF

BSEF is the international bromine producers organisation. Since 1997, the organisation has been working to foster knowledge on the uses and benefits of bromine-based solutions. BSEF strongly believe in science and innovation. Through investments in research and development BSEF members create robust bromine-based technologies meeting the needs of society. The members of BSEF are Albemarle Corporation, ICL Industrial Products, Chemtura and Tosoh Corporation.

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