EU’s Sustainable Energy Week 2017 – Clean Energy for all Europeans


The EU’s Sustainable Energy Week 2017 (EUSEW) will take place from 19 to 25 June, in Brussels, Belgium. It is the most important European event dedicated to sustainable energy policy issues.

During the EU’s Sustainable Energy Week, public authorities, energy agencies, research organisations, NGOs, businesses, and private consumers are invited to exchange ideas about providing secure, clean and efficient energy.

This year’s theme is ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans’, inspired by the European Commission’s package of proposals to put consumers and growth at the heart of the sustainable energy transition.

Energy storage will play a key role in enabling economies globally to accelerate the energy transition.


Energy storage – contributing to the low carbon energy transition

Bromine based energy storage solutions have a big part to play in achieving a sustainable and low carbon energy future for the EU.

As the supply of renewable energy grows, energy storage becomes more important.

Current growth projections for renewable energy storage show that wind and solar energy will account for 20% to 39% of power generation by 2060, compared to the current 4%. However, the production of electricity from wind and solar can vary significantly throughout the day. As a result, electricity is not always consumed at the time it is produced.

By storing, we can use clean electricity when we need it.

Bromine-based storage technologies, such as Flow batteries, are a highly efficient and cost-effective electro-chemical energy storage solution, providing a range of options to successfully manage energy from renewable sources, minimizing energy loss, reducing overall energy use and cost and safeguarding security of supply.

Discover how does the Zinc-Bromine Flow Battery work on the video below:


About BSEF

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