Promoting Bromine and Bromine-based Technologies

On 20 April 2016 the Bromine Science Environmental Forum (BSEF) celebrates a new chapter in the organisation’s history with the opening of a global headquarters in Brussels spear-headed by new Secretary General, Kevin Bradley and the launch of a revamped, user-friendly website.

Previously President of the Nickel Institute, among other associations, Bradley’s appointment is in line with an enlarged focus in BSEF’s activities. The organisation will now promote and support the many benefits of bromine including fire safety applications. “Bromine-based technologies provide sustainable solutions to the important societal challenges we face globally”, according to Bradley.

BSEF’s new website highlights six key applications where bromine is used including mercury emissions reduction, water treatment, fire safety, energy production and storage as well as pharmaceuticals and rubber. In addition, bromine as an element has been recently found to be essential for human life.


With the Minimata Convention on Mercury due to come into force shortly, reduction of mercury emissions from the largest man-made source, coal combustion, will gather momentum. Already in the US bromine technologies are being used to reduce mercury emissions from coal-burning thermal power plants with efficiencies exceeding 90%.

Bromine technologies are also to the fore in energy storage. “With ever increasing volumes of renewable energy now being generated, energy storage will play a critical role in ensuring grid stability”, says Bradley.

“Bromine has a much bigger story to tell than fighting fire”, explains Steve LeVan, Chairman of BSEF. “And we’re going to tell it from our new office in Brussels and with our new presence online”.

Bradley will be joined by Klaus Rothenbacher who will coordinate the regulatory activities of the association.

About Kevin Bradley

Kevin Bradley’s career spans across academia, government and the private sector. He has an impressive track record of engaging diverse stakeholders in advocacy campaigns for trade associations including the Nickel Institute and the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE).

About BSEF

BSEF champions bromine’s many benefits around the world and commissions research that breaks new ground in bromine science. Visit to learn more and follow us on Twitter

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