Chris Slijkhuis

11 Apr Chris Slijkhuis

After completing his MBA in the 80’s, Chris Slijkhuis worked on several start-ups in Central and Eastern European region in the 90’s (Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary). He joined the fast-growing Electronics Manufacturing Services company Flextronics (now Flex) in 2000, as Director Supply Chain Management in European HQ in Vienna. In that role he also worked on the development of new reverse logistics concepts for WEEE when the WEEE directive was introduced in 2004.

Since 2005, Chris Slijkhuis worked in the recycling of WEEE, and he retired as General Manager of the leading E-Waste Plastics recycling company MGG Polymers in 2021. He has been active in several associations related to E-Waste Management.  He is still a member of the StEP (Solving the E-Waste Problem) Initiative and received the honorary award of the IERC international Conference of E-Waste Recycling in January this year.

In his free time, Chris loves making music, hiking, gardening and his family.

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